22 Feb 2012

Tomatito in Wrocław

12.03.2012 - Wrocław, at C.S.Impart, 17 Mazowiecka Str. Tickets (90 - 150 PLN) seem to be still available :-)
For more information - pls vitit Ethno Jazz Festival website.

The picture above is the printscreen of festival's website.

13 Feb 2012

Pena flamenca Triana - 20.02.2012

Irene Alvarez, Marta Dębska, Carmen Fernandez & Arturo El Polaco will be performing next week (Monday, 20.01) at Klub 55 (32/34 Żurawia Str., Warsaw)
You can book your ticket via e-mail: flamenco@triana.pl (price: 50 PLN)

(picture above taken from event website: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/151297024982614/)

16 Jul 2010

corazon flamenco - more photos

Magdalena Navarette & Anna Iberszer

15 Jul 2010

corazon flamenco

I went to see the show again today...
You can call me addicted :-)

dancer: Anna Iberszer

14 Jul 2010


Finally today I managed to get out of work early enough to see the "Flamenco Passion" show. It reminded me, how much I loved flamenco and - how much I missed it recently.

If you are in Warsaw - there is still one show to go, tomorrow, 5 pm.

8 Jul 2010

Flamenco Passion - shows in Warsaw

Good news for flamenco lovers from Warsaw. Next week, Monday to Thursday, there will be a chance to see flamenco artists (Corazon flamenco group: Ania Iberszer, Magda Navarette, Andrzej Lewocki) at "Flamenco Passion" shows.
Each day, 5 pm, pl. Konstytucji (Polonia Theatre summer stage). Can't miss it :-)
More information & some pictures here.