31 Dec 2008

Cross-Culture Festival...

Cross-Culture Warsaw Festival - the event, which motto is the citation from Ryszard Kapuściński's book: Other worlds and other cultures are mirrors, in which we and our culture see our reflection. Great idea of inviting folk artists from all around the world - concerts, exhibitions, discussion. The 2007 edition brought two shows especially for flamenco lovers - Duquende concert (which I missed...) and fabulous performance of Vicente Amigo with the band. Here are some pictures...

(photos: bogna&bart)

For more information about the festival - see the festival's website.

30 Dec 2008

where to sleep...

...there is plenty of options where to stay in Andalucia. Starting from five star hotels (haven't tested them, sorry), cheap hotels and hostels, renting an apartment, staying in a tent or even sleeping on the beach... Everything depends on your preferences and budget.

For booking my hotels in Andalucia I used two websites:
For stays in Granada and Jerez de la Frontera I booked my hotels via Hostelworld - you need to register, a small, non-refundable deposit and a booking fee is taken while booking (payment with credit card), you pay the rest upon the arrival. My stay in Seville was booked with SOLbooking - no fees, no deposits, but you need to give your credit card number in order to guarantee the booking.

I can recommend both - I easily managed to find double room (sometimes with bathroom, sometimes not) for the price around 30 EUR, I had no problem upon arrival and I felt really comfortable arriving to the town knowing that there's a room waiting for me somewhere there...

29 Dec 2008


When it comes to planning a journey - internet is never enough for me :) the basic thing is good guide... possibly printed this year... It's up to you, what you choose - the one with lots of pictures, or pure text only.
For my first visit I used the Polish guide "Hiszpania" ("Spain") by F. Dutkowski, J. Dutkowska, A. Jankowska, Z. Siewak-Sojka, L. Sojka, published by Pascal in 2007.
Next time - I think to but more specific guide, devoted to Andalucia only - still looking, some proposals below :)

los payos

I have looked on my photo archives searching for flamenco pictures for this blog. Here are some photos from 2005 - Polish group Los Payos performing at the National Museum in Warsaw. The dancer is Marta Dębska - one of the best flamenco dancers in Poland.

23 Dec 2008

The very first steps...

...how did it start?
Some would say that while watching Saura's "Carmen" as a child... But for real - some three and a half year ago, when a friend asked me to take photos during her dance class show... First flamenco performance, first photos.... A few weeks later I bought my first flamenco shoes and started to learn. I guess since then I knew that one day I would finally get there :)
Destination: Andalucia. Welcome on board.