5 Jan 2009

Duende Festival in Poznań

Time for some more memories today :)
Duende Festival, organized by Magellan Foundation, had it's three editions. I was lucky to attend a concert during the third one (November 2008). The concert which was one of my flamenco dreams come true - Mercerdes Ruiz performance. Don't need to say more... If you haven't seen her - just go to youtube to have w general idea and then - look for the live preformance...
I don't have my own photos of the show, I didn't think it would be allowed for the audience to take pictures, so I had no camera with me. Maybe that's good - when you take pictures you can't really feel the show, I think.
To read some more about the festival - go to the Duende's website, to see Mercedes Riuz website click here.

(photo in this post is the Duende Festival poster, taken from the Duende's website)

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